Monday, November 16, 2009

Oh No! I Have to Lose 125 Pounds AGAIN!?!

Boy, is this overwhelming...there is so much to far to on earth am I going to achieve this goal?

I didn't gain 125 pounds overnight...and no, I won't drop it overnight, or in a weekend either...but where to begin? This excess has been accumulating for years and years.

This weekend I vowed to make huge progress...and by last night I was exhausted, drained and demoralized when my results did not seem to match my efforts...

I took a good look around and realized there is excess all to bottom...I've always put on weight all over, but with extra padding going to my thighs.

This time the weight settled mostly in my basement...literally!

I have been gathering "stuff" for a long time...maybe because I moved so much as a kid and had to throw stuff away...but I have boxes and boxes of stuff that is cluttering my life.

I've watched shows and read books about how to handle it, and it is exciting, scary, overwhelming and liberating to watch as people like Peter Walsh (Oprah show clutter guru) help declutter viewers in a matter of days...kind of The Biggest Loser for your stuff!

Well, for me, trying to do this on my own was daunting and seemingly impossible.

This morning I woke up with a huge Ah Ha! This is so like losing weight...okay, I know other people have said the clutter in our homes can be a reflection of the clutter in our minds and bodies, but the PROCESS of getting rid of it is also the can't just throw it all away in a weekend and expect the results to be permanent.

When I looked at losing 125 pounds of body fat it seemed overwhelming. I kept putting it off because it just didn't seem possible. I tried and failed, tried and failed, tried and failed so often that I began to believe I was a failure and that I would never have a healthy, slender body.

Weight loss success came when I changed my mindset. I began to believe that it just might be possible to lose weight and I chose to move towards HEALTH and make small changes that I could maintain.

The realization came that if I approach my basement clutter in the same way I can have success there, too! I'm moving towards health, freedom, and mobility. Some of that is figurative, but it is also literal. I've contemplated moving closer to my mom...but that thought is depressing when I think about all the c*&p I'd have to pack or get rid by going through it NOW, bit by bit, I will gain the power and freedom to move if that's what is the right thing for me and her.

Instead of dieting, rather than focusing on the entire 125 pounds, or 125 boxes, I will celebrate each box...and if an entire box is too much, I will celebrate with each item that is removed from my house!

Whether you want to successfully lose excess fat or takes mindset first, and small, consistent steps in the direction you want to go.

You CAN do it.
Celebrate every success.
It isn't a is about your life!

To healthy, energetic & slender bodies...and the houses they live in!

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