Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Crash! Hit By A Truck

The clock reads 5:15pm. It feels like midnight. I feel completely drained, like I've been hit by a truck. My brain is foggy--can't...make...simple...decisions. Suddenly, all I wanted was to eat and sleep.

That's what I wrote the Sunday evening. What hit me wasn't a truck (thank goodness) but I had a crash of another sort. I hadn't really eaten since 8am...not true, I had a Sunday treat at noon...a cup of coffee and a slice of nut and fruit bread. Very little food, and even less protein all day.

Scientifically, my blood sugar tanked...(don't you love it when I use technical jargon?)

Personally, I felt like crap.

This put me into a danger zone--I was fully capable of eating the entire house...not just the contents of the cupboard.

I know better, and it would have been easy to beat myself up for getting myself into that situation...fortunately I chose not to go that route...but I'm telling you, it is a lot easier to make healthy food choices BEFORE the crash. After a crash, you body is screaming for sugar...simple, refined sugars that get you pumping quickly. Trouble is, it sets you up for another crash if you don't combine those carbs with protein.

I used to have these crashes pretty frequently. I was good at pushing through and ignoring my body's signals...hunger, pain, fatigue. And I was also good at pushing through the "full" signals too. Ignoring all those signals is how I got to be 300 pounds.

I'm typically much more conscious about eating on a regular basis. That is one of the tools I've used to drop 125 pounds. Small, frequent meals or snacks keep my blood sugar up and my body operating efficiently. With my blood sugar up level I don't have to use "willpower" to eat right. Top that off, I have better energy--and I'm more pleasant to be around, too.

Moral of the story: if weight loss success is your idea of a happy ending--don't forget to eat!

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