Sunday, September 7, 2008

Feeling Joy and Having an Ideal Body

Feeling joy is so important in our lives.

The feeling of joy leads to our best possible health, including having an ideal body.

If you are not feeling joyful about your body, it doesn't not preclude you from having an ideal body--as long as you are feeling joy about other things in your life and you are not "tipping the scales" towards feeling negative overall, you can achieve your goal.

The first step is to determine what it is you want in your life. Then break that into small bits that you can believe. If you affirm that you love your body and you don't, it isn't going to work.

If your ultimate goal is to have a slender body then what can you accept and affirm right this second that supports that ultimate goal? That is the place to start. Your affirmation may even be that you know other people have had a weight problem and have been able to have success therefore you know it is possible to do. (If this feels bad or you start beating yourself up because you haven't done it yet, then don't use that affirmation!)

Go for joy and when given a choice between two thoughts, decide which one feels better to you (not which one "should" you choose) and go for the one that brings you closer to joy!

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