Thursday, September 18, 2008

Shrink Your Stomach

Can you really shrink your stomach? Yes! This was attested to by none other than Dr. Oz!

To do it, you have to change one habit--for about a month.

Reduce the amount of food you eat at each sitting. Typically we eat more than a serving of any food. That is why portion control is a key component to successful weight loss.

Portion control is not that hard to calculate--you carry a perfect tool with you all the time. Your hand is the ideal guide for all your servings. If you have bigger hands, you probably have a bigger bone and musculature structure. Smaller hands, your body is smaller. Most of us are pretty proportional in that way. Heck, it isn't an exact science, but it is much easier and less obvious than carrying a food scale around with you wherever you go!

Take a look at your hand. Make a fist. That is about the size of serving of carbs.

Open your hand and look at the palm--that is how big your piece of meat/fish/fowl should be.

I don't worry about my salad or vegetable portion size unless I'm at a restaurant. Then it is the sauces, butter and non-vegetable ingredients I look for. I don't like a lot of dressing on my salad (my preferences are lemon plain--I love the zesty fresh taste--or olive oil and vinegar) so I always ask for it on the side so I can control the quantity. I want to taste the vegetables not just the dressing.

Smaller servings lead to a smaller stomach which in turns leads to a smaller waist and overall body size!

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