Monday, September 29, 2008

Herbs for Stress Reduction and Weight Loss

There are herbs and supplements that reputedly reduce cortisol levels and/or have a calming affect, thereby reducing stress. I have found these are best used in conjunction with modifying behavior--not as a "magic bullet" where you make no other changes.

The challenge with herbs and supplements is because they are not currently regulated (in the US) they are not required to be tested for efficacy, purity or safety. So even is a specific herb may work wonders, if it is tainted by pesticides or not prepared properly it could actually casue more harm than help.

If you are going to use supplements to reduce cortisol levels, check out the manufacturer before you buy. Do they test the ingredients for purity, safety and efficacy?

And enjoy that cup of herbal tea--especially while quietly appreciating the view, or stroking your pet, or talking with a friend. If you are with a friend, make a pact that this is a stress-free time and no complaining is allowed!

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