Thursday, September 11, 2008

Walking for Weight Loss, Part 2: Variety is Key

I regularly walk around my neighborhood. I have found a couple paths that I take on a regular basis.

By having a couple different routes that I know, I can mix it up and still know that I can make the walk, and I can make it in the time that I allow, give or take.

Some of the walks are a little bit longer. Others have more hills. Some take me by a favorite park or garden. I really like the variety that provides--helps keep me from getting bored.

I also like to mix up the time of day that I walk. That way I get to enjoy watching the kids getting ready for school one day and the sunset the next.

Heck, if I was going to do the same route all the time I could just be on a treadmill.

About once a week I like to take a special walk on a trail. I find that I get a different energy being out on a trail. And I love being able to see that I now can walk further on the trail then I used to -- or I can go faster, or more easily.

I have a favorite hiking trail that I frequent, but I have found some others. Just like the neighborhood routes it is good to have a variety.

These walks are reserved for days when I have more time, because I have the transit time to get there in addition to the actual walking time.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's Walking for Weight Loss Part 3--why is walking a good choice no matter your fitness level

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