Monday, July 20, 2009

Are Your Memories Making You Fat?

Are you holding on to the past? Here's a weight loss tip: let the stuff go and the fat will follow!

I was cleaning out some boxes in the basement yesterday--old papers from when I was hired at jobs I had left behind years ago.

And photos. Lots of photos. Of scenes I don't remember. Some common. Some beautiful. None significant enough to place in an album, but here they were 10, 20 years later still being lugged around...still filling up my space.

In the trash (or recyling) all this stuff went...and I feel so much lighter!

What does this have to do with weight loss? Well, losing weight is a very similar process.

I can't tell you how many times I looked at those boxes and said I "should" go through them. And how many times I started to and stopped because "I might need them some day" or "I might WANT that SOME day".

How many times did I pretty much say the same thing about losing weight? I "should" and "some day" were favorite phrases.

It wasn't until I was ready mentally to shed my physical excess baggage that I could do it.

Holding on to "stuff" is what keeps us fat...cluttered in our bodies, our minds and our environment.

Let go of the past. Release the memories that no longer serve you...the stuff that is just hanging around not helping you. When you are ready to do that, you will find the fat starts to melt away.

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