Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wash Away the Fat

I was washing my face this morning and had a many times when I wash my face am I looking for the imperfections? Instead of focusing on what is "wrong" in the mirror, how about I put my attention on what is "right?"

I like to do affirmations in the mirror...I do that most days. This morning I did not...because I was enamored of the sunrise, so I did my mini workout and affirmations in the glory of the view outside.

So when I went to wash my face, it was my first "visit" with my image today. I noticed that my first reaction was to be self-critical! Wow! That was an eye-opener! I've been working at being loving towards myself and positive...and still these thoughts do come up.

Was it because I had not already done affirmations in the mirror that the less-than-positive thoughts came up? Or was I just more aware of my thoughts this morning.

I'm going to guess that my awareness level was up...

Fortunately, because I was aware I was able to change my thoughts right then.

This is my goal whenever I have any thought that is less-than...of course sometimes I am more successful at it than others, but it is a great goal.

I apply this process to my image--not just my face, but my entire body. That is one of the main ways I have been able to lose 125 pounds. Weight loss and mindset really do work together! When I think that I ugly or notice some fat that is hanging around and feel negative about it...when I do that, it tends to hang around longer!

On the other hand, when I notice some fat and recognize that it is just a remnant of some past thoughts and focus on the strength and health of my body...then I notice that the fat tends to release and disappear. And in the meantime, I feel emotionally a lot better--talk about a win-win situation!

Losing weight through positive attitude and positive thinking is possible. It may not happen overnight, but it will provide you with lasting health. Sometimes losing weight starts with washing your face!

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Donna Kozik said...

Great insights, Laurie! Yes, I agree, it's a huge first step to notice what we're telling ourselves -- awareness is key!