Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Exercise Your Attitude

I hear people saying all the time about how much they hate to exercise.

Even Oprah will tell us how she hates it--she does it anyway, but that she hates doing it.

I think it is time we really take a look at that.

Are we likely to keep doing something we hate? No. If we merely dislike it, or don't derive great pleasure from, perhaps. But hate? Not likely.

So how can we make exercise more fun?

First, don't think you have to workout for hours every day. I just don't believe that is necessary for most people. But if you believe it is--then it will be!

I work out for about 15-20 minutes in the morning, do some stretches, all told about 30 minutes. Then most evenings I go for a brisk walk. A nice break, some fresh air, beautiful skies. And some exercise, but it isn't like it is work or anything.

I enjoy moving my body in the morning. Some days I just play with it. I might sing songs or dance. I've been known to make silly faces while I move around...just to elicit a smile from myself.

Smiling and feeling good about what you are doing will help you reach your goal much more than trudging along on that treadmill, sweating and counting the seconds until you get off.

SO if you exercise routine is a real drag, then dust off the attitude and find a way that you can move more AND enjoy it.

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