Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Love Yourself to Lose Weight

The way to start to lose weight--and to keep it off--is by loving yourself.

I don't mean that you are stuck up...or think you are better than anyone else (that isn't love!)...just have an honest love for the being that is YOU...

It is often so much easier for us to love other people than ourselves. We often feel that we don't deserve it. Maybe we even think that "if people only knew the truth, they wouldn't love us"...

Well, lots of people have that thought...and the REAL truth is that we are not perfect AND we are still loveable. Most of us have not done anything that is all that horrible, and the reasons we feel we are not worth of love are pretty superficial, or are false messages that we have ingrained into our heads from childhood!

It is a simple thing...not to be confused with an easy thing...but it does start with love. When we love ourselves we take care of ourselves...after all, we care for things we love, right?

If "love" is too difficult a word, then start with appreciating or respecting yourself...or even start by being open to the possibility that just maybe you ARE worth it.

Look, if you have struggled with your weight and been on lots of diets without success, then what you are doing isn't working...so maybe there is a different way to go about it that will work. This is how I started and I have successfully lost 125lbs, so I KNOW that it works!

Loving yourself is going main stream, too...if you want help remembering to love yourself you can even get a t-shirt that will help remind you! Shirts are available at retailers, if you want to learn more you can visit the site www.loveyourself.com

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