Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Your Attitude Carries a Lot of Weight in Your Success

Whether you are talking about food or exercise, if you are wanting to drop some excess pounds, you attitude matters.

It really isn't a simple matter of mathematics. You have to have your head in the right place or it will never work.

Here's an easy example...let's say I tell you I have found the perfect food...that if you eat it every day for the rest of your life you will have achieve your ideal weight and be able to maintain it. Would you eat it?

Don't everyone run for your wallet, this is a hypothetical question!

Did anyone even stop to wonder if this just might be a trick question? In our mad desire to have our ideal body we don't always think...instead we react. That is why there are so many diet books on our shelves unfollowed and diet foods in our cupboards unopened...or totally opened with portion side completely ignored and contents consumed in one sitting.

What if I told you the ideal food was broccoli? (or lima beans? or...fill in least favorite food) Would you still be eager to eat it every day? Probably not. You might tolerate it for a while, or you might decide it isn't worth it. Some of you would decide that broccoli wasn't so bad after all...and some people would actually decide they like broccoli. These last people might actually lose weight eating broccoli...pretty much everyone else I predict would not.

What made the difference? The broccoli didn't change. The difference is in how you felt about broccoli.

OK, you're safe, broccoli isn't a big green magic fat eraser.

The bad news is, if there is one I haven't found it!

The good news--you don't need one! All you need is your attitude to change...about what foods you like, the idea that you can lose weight, that eating healthy can be easy and pleasurable, that you can enjoy exercise. If you can adopt these attitudes then you will achieve your health goals--and have a lot more fun while you are at it.

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