Monday, August 17, 2009

Airports and Eating

Airports can be challenging places when you are wanting to maintain your health goals. Fortunately they are better than they used to be...

For me the biggest challenge is that I can't bring my own water any longer. Since I drink a lot of water, this is a big issue for me! But I can buy water in many of the stores. But the bottles tend to be pretty small. Today I walked all around to find the largest bottle--24 ounces. Most of them were only 16 ounces. I got some walking in and some water!

I do bring snacks that I know I like...even still I am tempted to buy treats. Something about traveling brings that out I guess!

I wonder if it is habit? Or just memories of traveling as a child and always being able to get treats? Or maybe I didn't get treats at airports and that is why I want them now. Who knows. It is an interesting phenomenon though.

In the old days you were fed on the you aren't and so it is tempting to stock up! Breaking out a picnic basket isn't so easy in an airline seat.

So my plan is to bring a healthy light sandwich, or some nuts and raisins. Then if I really want something from one of the stores too, I can do that. I hear a frozen yogurt calling my name? I don't have a frozen yogurt place near me at home, so maybe that is why it sounds so good right now.

I think it is also that there is something comforting about treats--and even though I have flying my entire life, it is still a disruptive event and so comfort foods are a good thing.

Well, I'll end now...we will be boarding soon.

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