Saturday, August 29, 2009

Weight Loss Tip: How Sweet It Is

I was in Denver with a friend, starving...I didn't follow my own advice--I wasn't prepared with my bag of nuts or other healthy snack. Hey, it happens! That is real life!

So we stopped by a fast food restaurant...I rarely go to them, but have found that there are some choices that I don't mind eating once in a while.

We decided to share a sandwich and a drink...not being soda fans we ordered an iced tea. I had never ordered tea there before...the sign said "fresh brewed" I was anticipating a nice thirst quenching refreshing drink.

My first reaction was, I think they gave me the wrong size...I ordered a "medium" and got something back that was at least 32 ounces...I wonder how big a large is? Then I took a sip...

OMG! I was shocked! It was SO sweet. I don't know how anyone can drink that!

I learned my lesson...always ask if the tea is presweetened...don't assume that it isn't. (You know the saying about what happens when you assume don't you? Well it definitely made an a$$ out of me the other day!)

With all the information out there about the high calorie content of fast food meals, the increase in healthier choices like grilled chicken and salads without dressing, I never dreamt that they would pour all that sugar in the drink.

Neither of us could drink the tea. We had driven away to enjoy our meal and watch the sunset so I didn't get a chance to find out if they have an unsweetened version.

Down the drain the drink went. Not only would that drink NOT quench my thirst, if I had consumed it, it would have spiked my blood sugar and I would have felt AWFUL...better to dump it!

My weight loss tip--ask if the tea (or coffee or whatever) is presweetened. If it is 1) pass or 2) ask for a small quantity in a larger cup and then add lots of water!

You'll save a couple hundred calories on the drink, plus you won't spike your blood sugar as badly so you won't be inclined to binge later--end result is lots of calories saved!

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