Thursday, August 20, 2009

I Forget that I Look Different

Sometimes I forget how different I look now that I have lost 125 pounds. Because I have taken time to get used to the changes in my body and have accepted this body I forget that other people may not have had that opportunity!

Case in point--I am visiting my mom and we popped in to see a friend of hers whom I had not seen the last several visits. She didn't recognize me!

I had that happen in the past when I dropped a lot of weight very rapidly (which of course I didn't keep off!) but this was the first time I had the experience since starting my Refuse To Diet approach to health.

I used to be very aware that I was "extra-large"...I had to squeeze through spaces, go to specialty stores, struggle with seat belts, worry if I would be squished on a plane...I don't have these concerns any longer...

It was interesting to be reminded of these changes. It was good because it really helps me to remember to appreciate all the blessings in my life--including my improved health.

Sometimes because I have gotten used to the "new me" I forget to appreciate the progress I have made...

It is so easy to get wrapped up in daily activities that we forget to be grateful for the important stuff. Even though I know to express gratitude daily I'm human and sometimes forget! So I am extremely grateful for this gentle reminder of how fortunate I am...

I am grateful for:
  • My health--now and as I improve my health daily
  • The ability to choose my life--what a gift to know we are in control
  • My mother--that she is still with us and doing well
  • Her friends--since I live 1000 miles away it is so comforting to know there are people who see her daily who care about her
  • My family--immediate and extended, for love, support and accepting me with all my foibles!
  • Airplanes--they enable me to travel easily, for fun, business, and to see my family
  • The beauty on this planet--the mountains where I live, the ocean here, the colors, smells, everything
  • Dogs--have seen so many this week that just bring a big smile to my face
  • Otters & Sea Lions--more smiles
  • My body--my feet that support me, my eyes that reveal the beauty, my strong arms and legs, my hearing, taste, touch...what an incredible mechanism the human body is!

I could go on and on...and I am in my head but I won't bore you with all my gratitudes. I've had friends look at me strangely when I talk about being grateful for some of the "mundane" things in life...things we tend to take for granted. Maybe that is because I have experienced a hint of what life would be like without those things...

For example, at 300 pounds, my feet hurt all the time, my knees hurt, my back hurt...when you are in pain it is challenging to be grateful for your body! I had problems with my wrists some years ago that prevented me from doing lots of different things--I couldn't even hold a pencil or brush my teeth. By having these limitations in the past I am very aware of how good I have it now--even if I have pain from time to time! (And I'm grateful for non-narcotic pain meds, energy medicine, meditation, positive thinking, and even a glass of wine, for helping me when I do have pain--not necessarily in that order!)

Well...this has turned into a ramble...thanks for bearing with me!

What are you grateful for? Has something come up for you that helps you to remember how good you've got it--even if you are facing some challenges? Has someone been there to remind you about the progress you have made in your life?


DadShrinks said...

Excellent blog post.

I'm sure we all forget at times what we're greatful for, and improved health (and appearance) is just one of those things.

Feels good, I bet - way to go!

Laurie Tossy said...

Thanks! Keep up your good work! I know you can do it!