Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Magic Pill for Losing Weight

Can prescription drugs help you lose weight?

I often wondered that. Many years ago I prayed hard for such a pill--but that is one thing I personally never tried. Certainly there are lots of them out there these days. But do they really work?

You can read Dr. Linda's perspective...this is one in a (at least) two part series on weight loss drugs.

I found it reaffirming that drugs are NOT the way to go.

If they are only going to help a person lose 5 pounds a year then the side affects are definitely not worth it.

Is there a "magic pill" for weight loss? I doubt it. I think the "magic" is our mindset. We can definitely use our minds and the power of positive thinking to drop fat--and a lot more than 5 pounds a year!

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