Monday, August 3, 2009

Healthy Body Starts with Healthy Thoughts

If we want to live a healthy life, to have a healthy body, we must first think healthy thoughts.

I remember when I was first exposed to positive thoughts, affirmations and the power of our thinking. When someone would catch me as I said something negative (like I'm fat, or, what a bad day I was having) I would look at her and say, "Well, it is TRUE" may have been true...after all objectively I was fat...or it may have seemed true (the day just was, it wasn't "bad")...the point really was that it wasn't the words, but it was the feeling behind the words that was so important and that kept me stuck.

When I said "I'm fat" I wasn't been detached or objective, commenting on my body shape or physical structure, like I would if I said "I am 5 feet 6 inches tall"...instead there was judgment (a lot of judgment!) built in...I was saying I was "fat" but I felt like fat=ugly, fat=bad, fat=lazy, fat=unloveable, fat=....well, you get the picture!

And I judged the day, when in reality it wasn't bad. I may have had some experiences during the day that frustrated me, or where I because angry or I said the day was bad. But similar experiences on other days might not have triggered those it wasn't even the experience. This proved to me it is totally how I feel about it, and my feelings are based on thoughts and beliefs.

At first this "control" was a bit scary, but the good news is we can change our thoughts. When our thoughts change our feelings, our beliefs, our judgments change, freeing us to start totally fresh.

Two of the tools and teachers that have worked well for me in this process are
Of course being aware of a situation can be an important part of our ability to change it. We can't really lose our excess fat if we don't believe we are overweight...if we are happy with our body where it is.

The balance is to objectively recognize the situation and learn to love ourselves through it...we might start of judging, but we can change that! We change our thinking and then we change our lives...and our bodies!

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