Thursday, December 24, 2009

3 More Tips for Healthy Holidays Without Weight Gain

It is sooooo common for people to gain 5 or 10 pounds over the holidays....heck, I used to do that in a weekend!

But why does this happen...bottom line it is because we tend to focus on overwhelms us, we eat by rote, we also believe that it is the FOOD that is special.

Here are my tips on how to have a healthy, happy holiday--without gaining weight--by shifting your mindset...both away from and towards food. Confuse? Stick with me...

1. Meet new people, or engage people in a new way.

This definitely takes your mind off food--unless talking to people makes you so nervous you want to bolt yourself to the dessert table! If that's the case, make it a goal to meet 3 people this holiday season. Imagine you are entirely comfortable and your favorite person from history, current events, industry, or entertainment was going to answer 3 questions. What would you ask him or her? Ask those questions...or something similiar...of someone else, a co-worker or neighbor you want to know better or someone at a party. Now listen to their answers. You'll learn some fascinating things and you just might make a great new friend. And when you are really listening to someone else, you won't be eating!

2. These special foods can be had any time of the year.

Yes it is true! Just because gingerbread houses are a Christmas tradition, it doesn't mean you can't make gingerbread in July if you want to. Take away the rule that says you can only have it now and suddenly the need to store it all in your cheeks until next year is taken away! If you have a favorite treat then enjoy it, but remember you can have it at any time. Otherwise you are apt to limit yourself and then binge on something else later--something you don't enjoy as much and so you will eat lots more of it!

3. When you eat, eat mindfully

So much of the time we eat completely unconsciously. Bowls of nuts and candies are all about and we grab handfuls without even thinking about it. Make it a point to be aware of every morsel that you put in your mouth. Not from a counting calories perspective--from the point of fully enjoying every single bit. And commit to stopping when you are no longer enjoying it. Give yourself permission to eat anything you want with this one rule--as long as I am making a conscious decision about what I'm eating and I am enjoying it!

If you follow these 3 are sure to avoid the plague of added pounds and you will have the gift of a healthy, happy holiday season!


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