Friday, December 4, 2009

The Best Holiday Gift: Your Family

During this week I've written about what I feel...what I the best gift you can give your family this holiday season. Of course that gift is YOU...a healthy, happy, energetic, slender you.

Just being alive for your family is a big gift...and by being a weight loss success story you will live longer, save money, and have lots more fun. Well, there is another aspect to this gift that is HUGE--by achieving your weight loss goals you are giving your family and friends the gift of themselves, too!

You see, you set an example. Especially for your kids...but if you have other family members or friends who are struggling with their weight, you set an example for them as well.

Kids model their parents behavior...they want to be like Mom or Dad...and no matter what words you say about the importance of eating right and moving your body, if you are a couch potato and eat junk food, they are going to DO what you DO...and they will BE what you ARE.

Diabetes rates are rising...type 2 diabetes used to be called adult onset diabetes. Sadly, this disease is rising so much and is now so prevalent they don't call it that any more.

Type 2 diabetes is mostly a condition of habit. The good news is that the disease is preventable and reversible. Think of losing weight as a cure for diabetes!

By teaching your kids good eating and exercise habits young you will be giving them a chance for living a full and happy life.

Start with small steps...don't try to make huge changes all at once. Small, consistent steps lead to long term permanent results. It isn't about being on a diet...this is a comedian Sherri Shepherd said recently about her weight loss (she had been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and has lost weight and looks great) "It is not so much about a diet. It is about making healthy choices in my life and learning not to beat myself up when I do slip."

You have to decide that you are worth being healthy...I know your family thinks you are! Then take small steps to achieve weight loss...and stick with those choices. By making small changes in your life you will reach your goal and you will give your family (and yourself) the best gift possible--a healthy, energetic, slender, you...and that is truly a gift of love that will last for years and years!

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