Wednesday, December 23, 2009

How to Survive the Holiday Party Season: 7 Weight Loss Success Tips

Holiday parties aren't generally when people plan to lose weight, but you can avoid piling on pounds over the holidays and still enjoy the festivities by following these 7 simple tips.

1. Eat Before You Go Out
It doesn't have to be much...but you never know if food will be available when you walk in the door, so don't arrive hungry--you're sure to eat more if you do.

2. Pick and Choose
Thoughtfully select from the variety of goodies available. Take your favorites and try a couple new items, but you don't have to eat it all. Start with just a bite and you can always go back for more.

3. Water, Water, Water
Drink at least 2 or 3 glasses of water...plain, sparkling, with lemon...for every glass of alcohol or other holiday drinks like punch or eggnog. It'll help keep your blood levels even and you will be better able to make conscious eating choices.

4. Talk It Up
Enjoy the people at the party. Get away from the buffet table and avoid "liquid courage"...Momma always told you not to talk with your mouth full, so'll eat less, and you just never know the fascinating people you might meet!

5. Protein Is Your Friend
Be sure to have some protein...bring a little pack of nuts along in case you get in a bind. By having protein you keep your blood sugar even which helps keep you from peaking and then crashing...and wanting to bolster the crash with more carbs.

6. Take a Break
Remember to stop a minute and enjoy the surrounding. Interrupt your feeding frenzy for a few moments and eat up up the sounds and sights of the holidays.

7. Enjoy and Avoid Regret
Overdoing during the party can lead to a pile of regret the morning after. Enjoy the party and follow the first 6 tips and you will likely not have anything to regret. But if you do eat, or drink, more than you planned, beating yourself up the next day won't make it any better.

There you go--7 simple tips to help survive the holiday party season...without gaining weight!

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