Sunday, December 27, 2009

Weight Loss is a Process...Thanks...Tips on Exercise for Losing Weight

I want to thank the folks who take the time to read my blog and let me know their thoughts and feelings about what I write, their questions and what is working for them.

For example I got a very nice email today from "Bonnie" today...who was thanking me for a post I wrote back in September...about how
weight loss is not a straight line... reminds me its ok to have a detour but get back on track... I enjoyed reading it and I was reminded not to be hard on myself as I didn't work out today...I will move forward and remember I did 11 miles on the bike yesterday which was a first for me.

First--congrats on the 11 miles on the bike yesterday...I hope it was a fun and exhilarating experience and that you will continue to have fun moving your body.

Second--I am so glad you will be gentle on yourself for not working out today. If perhaps you were a bit sore from yesterday's ride and that's why you didn't work out today, then remember to stretch before the ride, and maybe make the ride a tad shorter next time!

I have found that why I try something new, or that I haven't done in a long time, it helps me to do the same exercise two days in a row.
That may seem a bit odd, but maybe it is because the muscles are sore and tend to tighten now you stretch them again. The BEST exercise for losing weight is any exercise...that you keep doing...whether it is the same exercise or different is just about moving more...and if you hurt too much you are apt to not want to keep it up!

Celebrate your accomplishments...and keep making small steps in the direction you want to end up at and you will get there.

Does 11 miles seem like too much to you? That's what YOU can do easily and then just a tad more...even if that is walking to the mailbox.

It isn't about keeping up with Bonnie, or me, or your spouse, colleagues, or is about being the best YOU that you can...and to do that you have to start where you are right now!

It is easy to think about what we want to do, or what we used to do...and that can be a great place to long as we keep it in our minds in a positive way and then use that to catapult us to taking an action that will get us where we want to be.
Weight loss starts with our minds...not our mouths!

Thanks to Bonnie and to my other readers for keeping in touch and helping to inspire me every day!

My New Year's toast to you:
To your healthy, energetic, slender body--You deserve it!

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