Monday, December 28, 2009

Stop Comparing: Weight Loss Tip for New Year

It is really common for us to compare ourselves to others. We are encouraged to from a very early age. Some of it is through subtle messages and other times it is shouted in our faces.

Whether quiet or loud, these messages that we are not enough...that we must be better than or we are less than...these messages are internalized and we take them on as our own.

Women in particular are subject to the body image comparisons...not being pretty enough or thin enough are probably the two most common.

No one benefits from these comparing ourselves we are making someone wrong...and based on the experiences of most of the women I know, the person who is wrong is usually US!

Even when we are trying to better ourselves we compare...if we want to lose weight we compare our numbers to everyone else's...we beat ourselves up if we do it slower than someone else...or if we don't have as big a result.

Instead, let's focus on what we want to achieve...we want to improve our health. How does that feel? What does that look like for you? Not what does it look like for your sister, your mother, your best friend or the super model in the magazine at the check out stand--YOU. What will you be able to do that is a challenge now? How will that feel when you can do that?

Now, visualize yourself doing that...feel how happy you are in accomplishing this goal...see yourself celebrating the accomplishment.

That is what this is about. Focus on you, your success. Measure your success against your desires and your goals--and forget what anyone else is doing!

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