Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Lose Weight Naturally by Having Fun

Last night a good friend came to visit...well, actually the husband of my very good friend Diane. He was in town on business and stopped by for a couple hours...we had a fantastic visit...enjoyed a great meal...it was really good to see him. One of the things I noticed was how much longer our meal lasted...because we were all so busy chatting...our hunger was satisfied and we had a lot of fun, too. It reminded me that enjoying life is part of the secret to losing weight naturally!

An interesting thing happened during the course of the "tour" of the house (it was his first visit since I moved to this house) he saw a galley copy of my book, Refuse to Diet...now, he's seen the physical changes in me and not said much...but at seeing the book his eyes lit up.

He was really impressed that I actually have a book that is "real" and asked how and when I did it. Lots of other people have been asking about my book, too (which will be available next month--soon, very soon!)

So I wanted to share some info with you in case you have a book inside you that is ready to come out, but you just aren't sure how to do...

Writing a book is a very exciting thing...and it was a lot of fun...and I think we all deserve to have as much fun in our lives as possible! By having fun we fill our lives with joy and, frankly, we are less apt to overeat when we are loving life! So, you can write a book and lose weight, too!

Don't think you have to be a "great writer" in order to write a book...I'll share a few tips I learned from my "writing coach" Donna Kozik that helped me get over the fear of the red pencil (remember high school English class--YIKES!)

Book Writing Tip 1: Select a topic that's an "inch wide, mile deep." It's easier and faster to write, and readers like books that are very topic specific.

Book Writing Tip 2: Keep your book short & powerful-it doesn't have to be your version of "War and Peace." The upside of this type of book is that it's easier for people to read in one sitting or while on a plane ride.

Book Writing Tip 3: The key to getting finished is getting started! It sounds simple, yet it's very true. There's power just in getting started.

Book Writing Tip 4: Start writing where you're most passionate. It might not be Chapter One and instead could be Chapter Five. Again, the key is to get started and build momentum.

Book Writing Tip 5: Don't consider yourself a writer? "Talk" your book. Record, transcribe, edit and - wah lah - you have a completed manuscript.
Another thing that freed me up was when Donna really encouraged me to write like I talk...to be myself. After all, when you are writing it is YOUR book...not one written by Hemingway or Dickens or by fill-in-the-blank-with-name-of-your-favorite-author!

For more book writing and book publishing information, join in a special teleseminar series being conducted by my coach, colleague and friend, Donna Kozik. You can find out more here, plus see a cool video Donna put together with a tip on how to build buzz for your book-before you even start writing it!

Experience more joy in your life--write what you love and you get to experience that passion again and again...and share it with others! Have fun, Refuse to Diet, and lose weight naturally!

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