Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Controlling Cravings Tip of the Day

Second in a series on controlling cravings!

Today's Success Tip:

Meditation and Affirmations

I change it up from time to time, to keep things from getting "stale" or being merely a "habit"

I found that starting with loving affirmations that confirm my decision and ability was extremely powerful.

Added benefit was that I generally and genuinely began to feel better about myself!

I highly recommend Louise Hay for the beginner. She teaches that loving self is the solution! (And I know for the beginner that can feel like a HUGE challenge.)

Be gentle with yourself during this process.

And if you want support, again, do not hesitate to ASK!

In the sidebar there are links to purchase some of the tools that I've used, if you are interested. Or check out your local library or used bookstore!

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