Saturday, January 17, 2009

Bob Greene's Best Life Plan Highlights--Foods to Eat and Eliminate

Bob Greene's Best Life program continues with tips on what to eat--and what to avoid.

Of course it is critical to eat a healthy breakfast. I wrote about this, too, including some of the science about WHY it is important.

Bob agrees that we should make small changes in our diet. Specifically he says cut only 100-200 calories per day out. This is to keep your body from thinking it is going into a famine.

Then Bob continues with a list of 6 foods to cut out for the first month or two of your program. The foods are:

1. alcohol
2. soda pop (because of the sugar and empty calories and the havoc it creates in your body)
3. trans fats
4. fried foods
5. white bread (refined carbs)
6. high fat milk & yogurt

While I believe there are no "forbidden foods" because by saying a food is off limits entirely it tends to make us want it more (supply and demand?) I can support what Bob is saying here.

However, if going off completely for 1 month will cause you to binge once the month is over, try for a week! Then when you have success, try for 2 weeks and so on.

It is the small changes that matter. One of Bob's points was making a commitment to yourself and keeping that commitment. Better to make a shorter commitment and keep it than to set a longer commitment and break it!

Remember--both Bob and Laurie say Put Yourself First...or as Oprah says, Put Yourself Back on the List!

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