Monday, January 5, 2009

Getting Cravings Under Control

I have found that since I've changed my habits and no longer routinely feed myself sugar, caffeine and refined carbs that my cravings have dropped--to practically zero!

Not that it necessarily happens over night! So if you are just starting your journey to improved health, over the next few days I'll give you some tips and tools that I've used in my success. Use one or all!

Today's Success Tip:

Make the decision that you are in control--and don't be afraid to ask for help!

I started losing weight when I made the CHOICE and decided that I could.

Even though I had struggled numerous times in the past, I decided in my heart that this time would be different and that I was willing to receive help from all sources to accomplish this goal.

This help can come from God/the Universe/Angels or it can come from doctors, or supportive friends, books...and even other bloggers!
Please feel free to contact me through this blog for support. I believe in positive thinking and action...and I know that seeing someone have success helps me to know that I can, too! Let my success give you that assurance!

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