Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Oprah and Bob Greene Agree with Me!

If you watched the Oprah Show last week you know she started the season with her Best Life series and that she followed that up with live webcasts this week.

Monday featured Bob Greene. And he talked about how being overweight is not really a food issue, it is a Love or Worthiness issue. I have been saying this for a long time.

A couple points that they made that I found especially interesting--you can choose to look at excess weight as an opportunity to determine what is missing in your life. That falls in line with the food being used to self-medicate or to mask theory that I have. I've known for long time that food is my drug of choice. Oprah uses that phrase, too.

About worthiness, it is important to realize that anyone can have worthiness issues (even Oprah) about some facet of their lives. Even when we feel completely worth in one area it does not mean that we feel worthy in all areas.

Oprah asked us to look at our lives and determine where/when was it that we first got "imprinted with the idea" that we or our ideas were not as important as someone else's. Interesting question to ponder!

Bob mentioned that it most likely goes back to before you were 10 years old as that is when most of our "wiring" is set.

It isn't about blaming anyone--not your mother or your childhood--it is about self discovery. By discovering what we truly believe we then have the power to change it. By learning, "oh, that's why I believe that" we can frequently change it more easily! Knowledge is power!

If you didn't catch the webcast with Bob live, you can get the replay at

There was lots of good information and I would love to hear your comments on the show. Over the next couple of days I'll point out what I thought were some of the highlights.

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