Thursday, January 8, 2009

Kicking Cravings to the Curb

Fourth in a series on controlling cravings!

Today's Success Tip:

Have a Success Plan

Everyone has different "triggers"...foods or events that bring cravings full-force into our lives--no matter how much we have been working to control them.

The best offense is a good defense! Know your triggers, whether it is an approaching deadline, visits with family or specific foods, and have a plan that you will institute when you feel challenged and vulnerable.

Your plan should be one that works for YOU. Make a list of activities that give you a sense of peace or power, being loved and valued, strength and control, or things that take your mind 100% to a different place.

The other tips we've talked about like affirmations, meditation, exercise, etc all help to keep the cravings down...and they can all be a part of your success plan. Have a few affirmations that you can use specifically in these circumstances, for example "Any cravings I have are an old habit and they are fleeting. My health goals are stronger than any craving."

Set yourself up for success! Put your plan into action! Don't wait until you have given in to temptation and you feel bad about yourself...that just sets you up for a downward spiral.

Is your plan to talk and vent and get the feelings out with a support buddy (sometimes that is all it takes!) Is the plan to take a brisk walk to get your mind off the situation? Or is it to cuddle with a favorite pet or loved one, so you feel loved and supported? Maybe you feel best just being able to spend 5 minutes looking at a beautiful flower--then do that! Do you have a hobby that takes you to a different place--then do that, even if it is only for a few minutes. Play a favorite song on your iPod.

What is in your Success Plan?

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