Wednesday, January 28, 2009

More About Mindset

So how do you get your head in the game, like discussed yesterday?

I've said this many times before, but affirmations are a great tool for changing your head.

I know that I started and failed many diets over the years. I had myself convinced that I actually COULD NOT SUCCEED. Sure enough, as long as I held that belief I didn't.

What changed for me? I started by being open to the possibility that maybe I could be healthy.

Sound simple? Well, if you have been struggling for years (almost 40 in my case) to be healthy then it may be simple but it is far from easy!

If you are struggling with affirmations--or struggling with the idea that it is even possible for you to lose weight, then review some of my past posts that deal with the subject of affirmation. I have several posts that give specific affirmations as well as how I have used them in the past.

If you are still challenged with affirmations and your mindset I suggest you give yourself the gift of some help. Louise Hay has been a great help to me. I love You Can Heal Your Life. I have the extended version with the affirmation tool kit and listen to that daily. I also meditate with Wayne Dyer. I suggest you start with one, and I would start with Louise Hay. Then as you get more comfortable with affirmations you can add some other tools.

Bottom line is to be loving to yourself! Give yourself the gift of health. You deserve it! Be open to the possibility of health for you.

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