Monday, January 26, 2009

I'm Proud of Myself

I am proud! I have been at a very intensive course for the past several days (hence no posts!)

Sessions starting early in the morning and running to midnight could have easily led me to revert to unhealthy eating habits. There was quick access to high caffeine, high sugar, high simple carb foods which give energy surges, followed by the inevitable crash.

Instead, I kept my energy level constant by eating complex carbs, nuts, lean protein and drinking lots of water. Although not as much water as I normally do (there was so much info and very few bathroom breaks and I didn't want to miss a word!)

I brought my healthy food with me and that made it EASY to CHOOSE to eat what was healthiest for me.

Of course that meant I had to plan before hand. Most importantly I had to decide that I was important enough to be taken care of! I deserve to keep my healthy habits up and keep up with my health and weight loss goals!

I also exercised every day--even though I would have liked the extra sleep--I knew that sitting on my rear for 4 days was not good for my muscles or getting oxygen to my body. Quick walks during dinner breaks, walking flights of stairs rather than using the elevator, long walks at night all contributed to my healthy routine.

So after 4 days I feel stronger and healthy and proud of myself for learning and for exercising my determination for personal health!

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