Friday, January 9, 2009

Controlling Cravings Tips

Fifth in a series on controlling cravings!

Today's Success Tip:
Know WHY you want to improve your health

This is a way to give cravings the one-two punch by bringing to the forefront of your mind the reasons why you want to lose weight, gain strength, have more endurance--whatever your health goal is.

Take the time to think about why you want to lose weight (or whatever...). Get some paper and write your reason(s) down.

There are no wrong answers--as long as the "why" is honest and for YOU then it is okay.

Review the list...and mark through any that are "shoulds"--the ones that come from guilt...they tend to not motivate. Instead they give us an excuse to punish ourselves for any small infraction! "Should" whys include things like, "My doctor/wife/husband wants me to lose weight", "I look disgusting and should take better care of myself", "No one will love me at this weight", "I will be happy when I have lost 5/10/50/100 pounds"

Instead of the 'shoulds' on the list, focus on the ones that feel empowering and loving, ones that help you to want to make the changes for good...if you don't have any on your list yet, take some more time and write some more!

Examples of empowering 'whys' include--"I love my baby so much I really want to be around for her wedding", "I enjoy being outdoors and I want to be able to spend more time in nature moving easily and effortlessly", "I deserve to look and feel and live up to my full potential", "I want the health and vitality I had when I was younger and at a healthier weight", "I am a good, loving person and I love myself enough to take care of my body"

Can you feel the difference in the two types of "whys"... the shoulds are negative based, the empowering ones are positive, love based.

Keep your positive, loving "WHY" with you at all times. Write it down on a card that you keep in your wallet or pocket. Post it at your computer. Put it on the mirror where you brush your teeth. Put it as many places as you want--places where you will see it many, many times during the day.

These positive thoughts WILL help you reduce your cravings and keep you on track!

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