Tuesday, January 13, 2009

LOVE and Weight Loss

Love is the best measuring stick to determine if we are making healthy food and exercise choices for ourselves.

All choices come down to either LOVE or lack of love, which I have come to define as fear.

If I feel "compelled" to eat chocolate for example, I can ask myself if this desire is coming from LOVE (a small piece of dark chocolate which has lots of great antioxidants, for example) or fear (that chocolate is on sale and I may never be able to find it again, for example.)

If the desire is coming from LOVE then I find that I am satisfied with a small quantity and I am able to fully enjoy the experience. Even if the item I want to eat has no nutritional value at all.

If the desire is coming from fear, then I find I am not satisfied...I could stuff myself with the food and still not feel satisfied. That's because I cannot get love, satisfaction or fulfillment when I base it in the lack of love!

The path to permanent weight loss is to eat (and to move) out of love for ourselves. This may take longer than a crash diet...but in the long-run it really doesn't! And we have the benefit of our health improving over time rather than be subject to the roller-coaster ride that accompanies the crash diet!

This is a life-long path of learning and reprogramming. I've had a lot of years of experience at eating without love. It is likely that I will face challenges on this path of growth and change and when I do, if I face those challenges from a loving place then I know I will succeed. So when I stumble, I will love myself back up onto the path of health. I will support myself in my efforts and know that I did my best at that moment in time and that every time I do my best I make it easier and easier for me to be my best the next time!

I love myself as I am today. Because I love myself I take care of my body and make healthy choices. I know that I am doing my best and being my best becomes easier and easier. Thank you for my healthy body and the healthy choices I make.

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