Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Today's Tip to Curbing Cravings

Continuing the series on cravings--and getting control over them!

Today's Success Tip:


I definitely include some gentle exercise every day.

I will often incorporate my affirmations into my workout. That helps keep me positive and moving!

When I first decided that I WOULD and COULD lose weight, I weighed 100+ pounds more than I do now. My knees hurt. My back hurt. The idea of exercising was painful--so I decided I would do what I could and not worry about if it was "enough"!

I bought the DVD of Isoflex movements--simple "bounce and shake" exercises that I could start to do in only 15 minutes a day!

I then modified even those simple movements (because even they were too hard for my obese body at the time!).

I actually started doing the exercises sitting on the couch or edge of the bed. In fact some of them I did while I was laying down so there was absolutely no pressure on my back or knees.

When I could, I added walking to my routine. I started with frequent, short walks...sometimes to the mailbox was all I could handle.

Now I do these exercises for 30 minutes every day and I go for a long walk in nature at least once a week, in addition for frequent walks in my neighborhood. I love that my body feels better, I have more stamina, and I can exercise without pain!

See the sidebar if you want to get the Isoflex DVD that helped me. Otherwise check out some other gentle exercise tape or DVD. Don't start with kickboxing!

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