Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Dealing with the Sugar Blues

Yesterday we talked about avoiding overeating from the sugar high...what about the opposite? Eating driven by the sugar blues?

When I eat more than just a little refined carbohydrates...especially if I do it for a couple of days...I find that I wake up a bit more groggy and grumpy. My mood is a bit lower and so is my energy level.

I know that if I grab an extra cup of coffee, or a sugary treat I will get a temporary boost and almost immediately feel good. I also know that it doesn't last and to maintain that, I would have to keep ingesting sugar and caffeine all day long.

Since I have consciously chosen to treat my body better and to improve my health, the sugar/caffeine route is not an acceptable alternative.

I will allow myself my usual cup of coffee, but I start my day with a lemon cleanse. I use products by Dr. John Gray, but if you prefer, get some lemon juice (or squeeze your own) and put it into a glass of water--at least 8oz of good filtered water. Drink that when you first wake up.

Then I move to my exercise routine. I will be gentle with myself...taking a bit more time to warm up than usual, but I keep the routine up for longer. I want to be sure I can feel my body warming up from the inside, so I know my internal furnace is "cooking"...

Now I will have my coffee (I use 1/2 decaf), no sugar. I enjoy the quiet time, read a little or listen to something that is positive and uplifting.

After that I am ready for some good protein and complex carbohydrates and another big glass of water!

Starting my day this way helps me to break the sugar cycle. If I feel a slump later because I really over did it the day before I have a small snack of protein and complex carbs...this is the perfect time to have a few nuts!

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