Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ellie Krieger: Enjoying Favorite Foods at the Holidays

Ellie Krieger is a dietitian as well as star of the Food Network. She recently shared some of her tips on enjoying the holidays with neither guilt nor packing on extra pounds!

Ellie agrees with me that there are no forbidden foods and that taking small servings of favorites is an important part of enjoying the holidays. Some of her favorites--her grandmother's butter cookies (yes, made with real butter), potato latkes and mashed potatoes with gravy!
My strategy is to enjoy these specialties in small amounts. SO if I want butter cookies, I'm not going to have a dozen. I'm going to sit down with two cookies and a cup of coffee or a homemade skinny latte and savor them.
Whether your favorite treat is butter cookies, gingerbread men or chocolate covered cherries, take this tip from Ellie and really savor them. Remember you CAN have one or two and that thought alone helps get rid of some of the stress (and you'll recall, stress can make us eat it kind of defeats the purpose if you worry about it, right?)

And Happy Healthy Holidays everyone!

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