Sunday, December 7, 2008

Creating Your Vision Board

You have your poster board and a pile of magazines...have a pair of scissors and a glue stick handy and you are set to start!

Look through the magazines that you gathered and cut out pictures and words that symbolize to you the body and health you are going to achieve.

Find some pictures of bodies or lifestyle. For example, you may cut out a picture of a slender person doing yoga because of their body shape and flexibility. Or perhaps you see a picture of a person walking and that appeals to you, so you cut that out--or maybe it is a picture of someone playing with his/her children. Find the picture or pictures that speak to you and the life you want.

Also look for pictures of foods to reinforce bringing healthy food choices into your life. Perhaps that is a gorgeous salad or bowl of vegetables, or lean meat. If portion control is your biggest issue than maybe look for a picture of smaller servings -- as long as that doesn't feel like limitation! Whatever you choose, make sure they are photos that look delicious to you -- so if you absolutely hate brussel sprouts, do not include a picture of them in your vision board!

You might even cut out words that feel good to you. Words like "total wellness" or "health" or "fitness". I have on my board "Breathing Space" because I know how important breathing is...and when I was 100 pounds heavier, it was hard to breath! So now I have created a space in my own body where I can breath easily! I also have "Simply the Best" because that is what I want for myself -- for my body and my entire life. The message here is not to tell you what words to use, it is to support you in selecting words that are powerful and meaningful for you, even if they are not meaningful for anyone else.

The key point to remember in everything that you choose to put on your board is to put only things/words that you want to INCLUDE in your life. These are all the positives you WANT. If you see something that you do not want in your life, be sure to leave that item off your board.

Once you have all your clippings, arrange them on your poster board in a way that is pleasing to you. Don't worry about being "artistic", it will be beautiful because it is your vision. Glue them down and your board is ready to be posted!

You can choose to put the poster in a frame, or just pin it up as it is, that is up to you. The most important part is that the images speak to you and you can easily see it.

Look at your poster many times during the day. Take deep breaths while you look at it. Allow those images to fill your heart. Feel how good it feels to see that healthy body, the delicious food, the physical activity that you enjoy. Know that this is your life, and be grateful for your healthy body, the good food and activities that help maintain that body, for the energy and vitality that you feel.

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