Friday, December 12, 2008

Am I Fat Because of My Genes?

Yet another study has come out blaming our being fat on genetics.

I used to take some comfort in these studies. It took away some of the pressure and responsibility--it allowed me to continue to be obese. After all, it must be in my genes!

Never mind that no one had ever done a genetic test on me--I didn't actually know whether or not I carried this or that gene. I simply chose to presume I did.

Why? It allowed me to be a victim, to not take responsibility for my own body and my own health.

OK, so even if I have the gene that gives me a greater chance at being does not guarantee that I will be fat. The gene itself living in my DNA does not make me fat...any more than having the cancer gene means we will develop cancer. We may have a greater chance of developing these conditions because of the gene, but it is not a foregone conclusion.

In all things, we still have CHOICE! Hurray for that!!!

Choice takes us out of the victim role and EMPOWERS us in our lives.

I have learned that a positive attitude combined with portion control and moderate exercise allow me to be a healthy, happy individual. One who has lost 100 pounds, to boot!

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