Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Sugar Side Effects

If you have, like me, had a bit more sugar in the past few days than you have been having for a while, you may have also noticed some of the side effects from consuming sugar.

I find that refined carbohydrates have a tendency to cause me to bloat and they also affect my moods. After the sugar "high" there is a dip...some call it "the sugar blues".

There are 2 times that are the most dangerous for me...when I eat (or drink) sugar and it starts to hit my bloodstream (the high) and when it has run through and left me depleted. During the high, I feel great, so powerful, strong and happy, so I might be less conscious about my food choices. During the low I want those feelings back.

This is the real roller coaster that causes so many of us to have issues with our weight. So how do we overcome it?

Some people will tell you that you must not ever have a single bite of the confectionary world...I don't think that is very realistic for most of us. You know I talk about there being no forbidden foods. That is especially true at the holidays!

The best way I have found to control the tendency to overeat from the high is to allocate a finite portion before I have a single bite. Whether it is a slice or pie or cake, cookies or fudge, put your serving on a plate, then put the rest away. If you are somewhere that you can't put it away (like at a friend's house or a buffet) then move your body as far away from the sugary stuff as possible.

After you have enjoyed the treat...brush your teeth! If you are away from the house, try a breath strip or mouthwash spray. This takes the sweet taste away from your mouth so you are not constantly reminded of it. It also subconsciously makes you want to eat less...brushing your teeth is generally a signal that you are done eating.

Check in tomorrow for my thoughts on handling the sugar blues.

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