Saturday, December 6, 2008

I Believe I CAN Lose Weight

So the next step is the belief that I can lose weight. That is a great place to start. Let's see how we can further bolster that belief so that it becomes part of our inner core -- an unshakable KNOWING -- a strong vision of our life, of our very being!

We've discussed affirmations before, and they are an incredibly awesome tool. Definitely keep them up.

Today let's work on a tool to help visualize our new bodies and life. This may take a little time, so don't feel pressured to get it all done today.

If you watched The Secret, then you are familiar with a Vision Board. Some people call them Dream Boards. I like "Vision" better because for me "dream" has more of a sense of fantasy and I am visioning my future into reality. You can call it whatever feels better to you.

This vision board is going to be highly focused on just some key elements of your life, those related to your health and fitness...

Find or buy yourself a piece of poster board...make it a size that you can hang up where you will see it the most. In other words, if you are at your computer most of the day, make it so you can put it close by and look at it frequently. Since this is a focused board, rather than one that covers all elements of your life (like dream home, life partner, etc) it doesn't have to be very big. 18x24 is probably going to be just fine.

If you like, you can create more than one board...say one to have at the office and one for home.

Next, collect magazines that you can freely cut things out of. If you don't have any magazines, talk to friends, your doctor, the local library--just be sure that they are giving you things they do not expect back! If they want them back in one piece, then be sure to photocopy anything that you want to include in your board.

Come back tomorrow for some tips on things to include in your vision board!

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