Sunday, December 21, 2008

Jay Leno Apologizes to Loveland Woman

Following up on yesterday's post about Jay Leno's insensitivity to a local woman who has lost 80 pounds through hard work--mostly lost of exercise following the format of The Biggest Loser television show--

After receiving a complaint from the owner of the gym where she is a regular, Jay Leno himself called Susan and apologized. She also received flowers from Leno and an offer to fly her to his show, when she reaches her goal weight.

Susan is choosing to use this promise as additional motivation for her to reach her goal--staying healthy for life! She hopes to one day ride a horse, hike in the mountains and travel. These may not seem like difficult goals to achieve, but when you are obese any of these can be a challenge!

I applaud Susan for her success to date, her future success, her positive attitude and her determination. She is a great inspiration to me to also continue with my own "health for life" goals!

You rock, Susan! Keep it up!

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