Friday, December 19, 2008

Puffiness, Bloat and Feeling Fat

Yesterday I mentioned that I noticed a few more fine lines on my face because I have less fat to fill out the skin...

I used to wonder when I would hear people say "I feel fat--I weighed 2 pounds more this morning and my clothes are tight"....I just couldn't fathom being able to actually feel 2 pounds!!!

But I am noticing that I am more sensitive to any puffiness or bloating that may occur. This could be from eating a bit more salt than normal, not getting enough sleep, or having an allergy to something in the environment. Because my body is less "swollen" in general (in other words, I'm not as fat as I was) the difference is more noticeable to me now.

I suppose this is really a mathematical thing (math? me? wow...I was an art major after all!)

But let's think about that for a sec...when I weighed roughly 300 pounds, if I swelled up an extra 3 pounds, that was only 1% of my total body weight. Now if I swell up that same 3 pounds it is more than 2% of my total body weight. So the affect is twice as wonder I feel it more now.

This feeling/sensitivity is a good thing. It alerts me to when I have eaten something that my body doesn't particularly like, or that I'm not taking care of my body. It will also be a tool in my weight loss belt to keep me from getting out of control with food and gain weight back.

I love the idea that I will notice a 2 or 3 pound shift and it will make me uncomfortable enough that I will make an extra effort to pay attention and make the little changes that I might need to make in order to get back on track. How much better to have that alarm bell go off at 3 pounds than 30!

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