Friday, December 5, 2008

I Have the Proof, Now What?

Once you have gathered the social proof that it is indeed possible for people to lose weight, now it is time to believe that YOU can, too!

Do you believe there is something unique about you that makes you so different that you cannot possibly lose weight, even though all these other people can and have?

It is very unlikely that you are strikingly different from me in any way that is relevant to weight loss. Oh, we'll have differences in skin color, height and physical conditioning...but we can all start from where we are today! That's what I did.

Do you believe that they are special and that is why they have had success and you have not?

I can tell you that I am not special or unique or more disciplined than you. I certainly didn't have success my first time around. I have been a work in progress for most of my 50 years!

What did make the difference for me was making the decision that I actually could lose weight and be healthy and not feel deprived at the same time!

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