Sunday, December 14, 2008

Oprah's Weight A Familiar Story

I love Oprah...not that I know her personally, but most of us feel like we know her since we have watched her on television and read her magazine for years.

Oprah has had many of the same weight struggles that I have had, with her own variations, of course. I am grateful that my struggles have not been in the eyes of over 2 million people!

I can relate when she says she is embarrassed by her recent weight does feel embarrassing to have made huge health gains, only to see them slip away. Been there, done that. More than once.

As embarrassing as it may feel, we should all take note that this is a lifetime journey, not a "once done never gotta worry about it again" event.

Sometimes a health issue, like thyroid in Oprah's case, is the cause. Other times an emotional upheaval disrupts our lives and we eat as a protective mechanism. That's what I did when I was going through my divorce.

The best thing we can do is get back on the health wagon as soon as possible. Keeping a positive attitude about it is crucial. Beating ourselves up over our past "failures" doesn't serve us. Let us learn from the experience and move forward.

So for all my friends out there,including my own self and those, like Oprah whom I have not actually met--let us love ourselves as we are, knowing that we are getting healthier and happier every day, and that it is our health rather than a number on the scale or dress size that is the important thing!

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