Monday, October 6, 2008

Boost Your Walking

As great as Bounce and Shake is, I actually enjoy my walks, so here are some tips for folks like me who want to get out in nature and move (walking is something John Gray fully endorses by the way!)

If one of your excuses for not getting out is that you have little kids, you can actually use them to assist you in your fitness goals. If they are small enough to ride in a stroller then push them. The extra effort you expend to move them along burns calories and helps you to build strength. Just remember, you don't want to feel the burn or get out of breath. Too many kids to push...enlist the help of a friend or two. If you have extra adults you can trade off pushing the strollers so everyone gets the benefit and no one gets overly tired!

Plan a route that includes some hills. Start with some gentle hills. Later as these become easy scout a route that has more incline in it. Don't have the entire walk be just up and down. Have some flats in there too. Mix it up.

Go to your local animal shelter and become a dog walker! This can boost your serotonin too because you will definitely get lots of affection from the dogs and appreciation from the shelter staff! This is great for animal lovers who live in apartments and can't have a dog, or live with someone who is allergic, or for whatever reason have chosen to be "between" pets for now.

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