Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Coffee on the Road

I love coffee. I used to drink a lot of coffee. Now I drink it from time to time, so when I have coffee I want it to be really good.

I was at a conference a few days ago and having dinner with some colleagues. After dinner we were going to have coffee so I decided to order a cappuccino as a nice treat. This was in a resort so I thought it would be a good cup. Boy was I wrong!

Rather than drinking it I returned it. That may not sound like a big deal to you, but for me it truly was! In the past I might have finished the coffee (not wanting to make a scene or hurt anyone's feelings--how ridiculous is that????) or just let it go cold and not drink it but pay for it (even more ridiculous!) So I am proud of myself for returning the coffee, politely but firmly.

I have had some really good coffees while on the road--mostly from big chains like Saxby's and Starbucks. I was really disappointed that I had an opportunity to have a coffee from a place that was not a chain and it turned out to be so bad.

Oh well, there will be a chance for more really good coffee elsewhere!

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