Friday, October 3, 2008

Exercising and Dropping Fat

If you ever participated in sports you know about working out. It does some great things for you--but it is definitely hard work, great if you want to be in the Olympics or on a team or run a marathon, but not necessary for health or dropping fat.

In fact, that kind of working out can make it more difficult to drop fat, unless you are starving yourself. Gentle movement that burns fat is what we are looking for. If you work too hard you are burning sugar and you won't lose fat like you want to.

The goal is not to be dripping sweat. Be easy about this. If you can't talk while you are moving, you are working too hard! If you feel a burning sensation in your legs you are working too hard!

No matter your size, make a decision that you are going to move your body more. Start off easily--maybe walking to the mailbox is all you can do. That's fine.

Do you do better at exercising if you have a workout buddy? Then find someone or join a class. Don't know anyone? Just by going to the gym or pool or park at a certain time every day you will start to meet people who will encourage you--even if it is just the staff!

Don't want to be seen in public, afraid of what other people will think? You can do plenty of moving even in your own home, even if you only have a single room! When I first started this journey a year ago my back, hip and knee hurt so badly that it was a challenge for me to walk. Some days I sat on the edge of the couch or my bed and just bounced and shook my hands and arms and tapped my feet! That was a start.

If you like the water, get to a pool. Walk in the water. The resistance of the water is good for you and the buoyancy makes walking in the pool easier on the joints than walking on dry land. I used to swim regularly even when I was almost 300 pounds. I like exercising in the water because it is cool and it feels light.

Do some little things--park a little further from the entrance when you go to the store or to the office. Adding a few steps every day can help, really! Take a walk around the office or the block after lunch. In a building with an elevator--take the stairs once a day.

Try some yoga. Take the time to really stretch. Instead of meeting friends for coffee, meet at a park and walk around in the fresh air. Put on some music and gently dance to it.

By doing a few little extra things every day, getting some good stretches in and making a conscious decision to move 15 minutes a day you will start to drop fat and it will be easier and easier!

The Olympic event you are training for is Your Life!

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