Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Whole Grains in Our Diet

Complex carbohydrates, including grains, are an important part of our diet. They help fill us up, give us energy, lend variety to our meals and provide nutrients that are good for us.

Whole grains play a big part in losing fat and maintaining healthy weight--and cholesterol and blood pressure levels too.

Just be aware that "whole grain" is great fiber--but if the label reads "made with whole grain" that is not the same. It will typically have less than 1/2 the fiber--for the same calories! Be sure to look for "100% whole grain", or "100% whole wheat" or whatever grain you are looking for.

100% wheat flour is not the same as 100% whole wheat!

So read the labels when you want to enjoy grains, whether in breads or pastas. Get the most out of food and take in the least calories!

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