Thursday, October 2, 2008

Do I Have to Exercise to Lose Weight?

People ask that question and I can tell from their voice and body language that they really hate something about exercise--as they know it.

For some people it is memories of high school gym class. For others it is the thought of being seen in exercise clothes at their present size/condition. For still others exercise has always been a chore-- a thing one "should" do, not something anyone in their right mind would chose to do. For a large group of people, exercise means strenuous work involving lots of sweating and time.

Exercise is a word that deserves to be redefined. Exercise does not need to be painful, strenuous, a chore, take a lot of time or involve bad uniforms or public humiliation!

Think of exercise as simply moving your body. Give yourself the gift of moving every day for 15 minutes.

Can you imagine any time that you were moving your body that you actually had fun? Maybe it was playing hopscotch as a kid, walking in the forest and smelling the pine needles as you walked through them, playing at the local pool, riding your bike to the park, playing on a swing...

The best exercise will be something that fits YOU. Your personality, your style and your current body and health. Depending upon your physical condition, the best exercise may be some simple stretches and deep breathing! Discuss your health with your doctor and then start to move more.

Check in tomorrow when we'll talk about ideas for moving and easy gauges to know how hard to be going at it.

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