Monday, October 20, 2008

Is the Financial Crisis Affecting Your Weight?

Seem like a crazy connection? It isn't if you stop and think about it.

Are you worried about losing your house, your job, or just concerned about rising costs? Well, if you are, you aren't alone. And a lot of us when we are worried, scared, or otherwise stressed reach for food to comfort us.

These comfort foods do temporarily help us to feel better. Until we realize we overate (again) and then we get to "enjoy" the guilt feels of having "gone of our diet". Then that guilt feels bad, so we reach for more of our comfort foods.

That's one of the reasons I refuse to diet in the first place! I know all to well that vicious cycle. Instead of reaching for food to comfort me, now I work on meditation, or I watch an inspiration clip, or read a chapter in a book that lifts me up, or I go for a walk.

By changing the automatic response behavior I have changed my waistline! Remember, you are in control of your life and your thoughts and especially how you react to things. It takes practice and it isn't always easy, but we created the habit of reaching for food to make us feel better--and we can uncreate it!

It is definitely easier to substitute a behavior you want to encourage (like taking a walk or meditation) than trying to resist the urge to eat all by itself. Enlist the support of someone in your family or a friend or coworker. You are definitely not alone in reacting this way--nor are you alone in wanting to change this behavior!

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