Saturday, October 25, 2008

Traveling and Exercising

While driving vast distances, it is a challenge to get any exercise at all. I find it a perfect chance to practice isometric exercises. Whether you are the driver or passenger, you can clench muscles of any group. Start with you buttocks, holding them about 10 seconds, repeat about 10 times. Then move to another muscle group.

By doing this I have strengthened my abdomen, my leg muscles and my biceps.

At each stop we stretched a bit...but with little time we didn't get much "real" exercise in.

We did out 15 minute "bounce and shake" work out every morning. That fits right in to the traveling schedule.

Once we reached our destination we tried to get in walks when possible. Since our first stop was a conference where we started our days early and ended late, we frequently didn't get much of a walk in--from the conference room to our room and back a few times and that was it.

Our next stop did allow for a nice walk and we have been able to have a walk every day since then. Felt really good to get some extra stretching in after days in the car and days in a conference room!

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