Monday, October 13, 2008

Is Organic Food Worth the Extra Money?

Most of the time, yes! It is ideal to have as few hormones, pesticides and other chemicals put into our bodies as possible.

Even though we wash our produce, it is next to impossible to get all the chemicals off. And for those of us who eat any animal products, what they have eaten and been injected with ends up in our bodies! Give yourself a fighting chance and eat as naturally as possible!

There is a strictly regulated process that has to be gone through in order to put "Organic" on your label.

Some farms are in the transition phase between traditional and organic. This means you might want to give them a try. Talk to the farmer (if you can) and see how long they have been working at the change. (It takes years to become certified they may have been following the principles for several years already but cannot call themselves organic.)

Wild fish (which is generally the best type of fish to buy) can be labeled "Organic". Since you really can't control or regulate the ocean...especially the specific place in the ocean from where that fish originated...not to mention they swim around, a lot (!) it isn't worth paying extra for "Organic" fish. Do look for the "Wild caught" or "Wild" label.

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